Information About The Turnover As A Search Of Literature

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To gather all required and necessary information about the turnover, a search of literature was conducted. The literature review involved searches of different databases which are CINAHL Complete, MedLine, and and PsycInfo. The search of the literature used and included many different keywords; those keywords are, turnover, retention, intention to leave, occupational stress, work environment, job satisfaction, leadership style, and nursing. After completing the initial search, a total of 50 articles were collected. By reviewing all the articles, some of them were excluded because either they do not meet the standards of the research or they are not directly related to the topic. A total of 32 articles were selected for analyzing.…show more content…
Finally, turnover can impact patient safety and outcomes (Hayajneh, AbuAlRub, Athamneh & Almakhzoomy, 2009). A strong relationship has been found between turnover and increased infection, prolonged hospitalization, and reduced patient satisfaction (Dawson et al, 2014). Understanding the main causes of turnover is a necessary process that can help and enable nurse managers to lowering the rates of turnover (Dawson, Stasa, Roche, Homer & Duffield, 2014). Most of the studies that were done in the past show that turnover among nurses is related to several different factors including: stress, workload, low payment, job dissatisfaction, lack or recognition, leadership style, working long shifts, and work environment (Hayajneh, AbuAlRub, Athamneh & Almakhzoomy, 2009; add more refferences). In fact, all of those factors have a strong positive relationship with job satisfaction (Capko, 2001; Dawson et al; Bogaert, Clarke, Willems & Mondelaers, 2013). Therefore, giving those factors a great deal of attention can help nurse managers to increasing the level of job satisfaction and lower the rates of turnover as a result. Job Satisfaction Job satisfaction is one of the topics that have been studied repeatedly over the past decades and is expected to continue as a topic of interest since the studies of turnover continue (Omar, Abdul Majid, & Johari, 2013). Job satisfaction can be defined in many different ways, one of which is
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