Information About a New Pradigm, Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing is a new paradigm in which computing resources:(i) Processing, (ii) Memory and (iii) Storage are not physically present at the user’s location. The proposed system will create the multiple users to monitor and handle the data integration physically in the Third Party Auditor (TPA). A utilization of homomorphic linear authenticator and random mask will guarantees that the TPA will unable to retrieve any information / data content stored in the cloud server during auditing process. In the proposed work, the reinforcement of TPA handles multiple audit sessions from an outsourced data files and extend the existed Privacy-Preserving Public Auditing Protocol (P3AP) into an Multi-User Public Auditing Protocol (MUPAP). It performs an efficient Multiple Auditing Tasks (MAT) to typically eliminate the burden of tedious and expensive auditing task and improves outsourced data leakage Cloud computing is more convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources that can be hastily provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction. Outsourced data is merely the farming out of services to a third party auditor. By data outsourcing, users can be relieved from the trouble of local data storage and maintenance. But during this sharing of the data, there are huge chances of data vulnerability, leakage or threats. So, to prevent this problem a data leakage reduction scheme has been

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