Information Access Of Banking Sector

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Information Access in Banking Sector
The banking sector us the division of society’s economy, which is devoted to managing financial assets for its people. The industry invests on the finances, leveraging them to produce more wealth as it follows the regulation of the government. The holding of people’s financial assets is done as per customers’ wish and request. It all starts with a simple account opening, which in turn involves giving full individual information including their dates of birth, full names, next of kin, national document registration numbers, residence, gender, nationality, and so on. The bank vows to keep this information secure, and the customer agrees to have authenticated the sector to do so. The customer then starts bringing his or her financial assets, and the bank uses it for further wealth creation, allowing the client to have them at any time.
The banking sector is thus one of the most critical areas in business engagements, since it directly handles private customer information, account transactions, payments, loans, account transfers and balances, images of checks and statements, and much more. All these information is stored in computers and files where they can be easily viewed unless a well-authored and detailed security system is in place. While banking business is expected to ensure efficiency and safety for customer information, it is also supposed to provide a simple and user-friendly system of information sharing. According to (Ballad,
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