Information And Adjust The Marketing Mix

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Establish and adjust the marketing mix Assessment Task 2: Project – Determine the marketing mix The company I would like to talk about is Online Takeaway in major cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Canberra, Hobart, and Adelaide which provides features as order food online, customers just provides postcode on our website. Basically, customers have to choose restaurant and products they preferred online. We will delivered it within 20 minutes after delivered has been confirmed from the restaurants. The restaurants that are listed on our websites would be high quality and carefully selected by our crew. Our restaurant’s key marketing plan is as the following:  Conduct the functions of different themes using our business name within the next financial year.  Gain customer loyalty by 25% after their first purchase with us  Gain an average sales for $20 for per customer before the tax  Ensure the business peak hours and days house capacity rate as 75% 1. For the new marketing opportunity and in relation to the product or service, answer the following questions? Product: Who is the product or service aimed at? Individual members of the public: because anyone can order and use our service via website. This create opportunity for the company when determine business opportunity using application. What key features and benefits do the products or service provide? Product or service key features Explanation Its purpose Delivery food to customer’s house How it works

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