Information And Communication Technologies : Developing And Implementing New Means Of Communication

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Information and communication technologies have lately significantly changed and improved, developing and implementing new means of communication (Muscalu, 2015). Effective communication is understanding both your employees and your customers. It’s ensuring that the right message is utilizing the right channel in order to reach your audience. Customer Relationship Management involves generating superior shareholder value by developing appropriate relationships with the strategic customers and customer sectors (Muscalu, 2015). Understanding your customers and how they fit into the hierarchy is essential for creating effective communication. The information that is gathered about your customers will aid in connecting with them and potentially open opportunities that an organization may not have realized was there. The adverse of that is that there are also many ways to poorly communicate and it’s these poor communication methods that can be the down fall of a company. It is not simply how you communicate with your customers externally but internally as well. Issues associated with human resources management, sales and marketing have also become increasingly relevant to call center operations (Jyoti & Sharmaa, 2015). The proper training and internal informative communication can go a long way toward customer satisfaction.

Effective Communication Introduction
To ensure effective communication within a company and with employees organizations first need to understand all of
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