Information And Communication Technologies Has Made Information Communication Systems

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1. Introduction Over the decades information and communication technologies have revolutionized our access to information and our communication bases. The increase in our dependence on internet has made information and communication systems more vulnerable to security attacks. Many regular incidents demonstrate this vulnerability, like the rapid propagation of sophisticated malwares, denial of service attacks on socio-economical organizations ,business and government portals and the against the power grid system. Fortunately, these move forward in technology also originated an increasing number of security concerns that were served as examples by recent incidents. 1.1 Security Events The high degree of internet viruses named as…show more content…
Now a days, the greatest security threats are not coming from those script-kiddies and fame-driven hackers who attack communication systems just to impress their peers. In this new era of information, security systems have to be designed and implemented to defend against very sophisticated threats. These sophisticated adversaries include malicious insiders, cybercriminals, cyber terrorists, industrial spies, and in some cases, nation state intelligence agents. Such conflicts are very knowledgeable about the communication technologies and protocols. They are highly systemized, well resourced, and capable of operating across the full spectrum of online attacks. Their goals, most of the time, go beyond minor security failures like crashing a computer or vandalize a webpage. Their motivations are for example to make big monetary gain, cause mass destruction to countries’ infrastructure and economy, steal highly classified document and information, and establish long-term intelligence presence. According to Symantec report, Stuxnet was highly targeted, took more than six months of implementation, and was looking for systems using a specific type of network adapter card. Today’s intruders also tune their strategies by balancing the efforts spent and the chances of success. An intruder will try to be on the radar as long as possible while a terrorist is looking for making the maximum
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