Information And Communication Technologies ( Ict )

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1.1Background of study According to Syed (2009) Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) permeates through every business set-up. He further states that ICTs are influencing production, work and business methods and trade and consumption patterns in and between enterprises and consumers. Denni (1996) cited by Syed(2009) stress that every business must bring ICT into their business operation and take advantage of the benefits they offer. The emergence of and advances in information communications technology offers opportunities for businesses to operate in the global market. (Mutula and Brakel, 2006) cited by Syed( 2009). The usage of ICT tolls by businesses enables them to target large markets across the world, with improved efficiency, and closer customer and supplier relationships (Chong et al., 2001). In recent times the adoption of Internet banking as an ICT tool by financial institutions as a podium for carrying out their banking services has continued to rise globally from one continent to another continent. This development has resulted in the internet has becoming a major part of people’s lifestyle both young and old. Many organizations and businesses have been using the Internet to communicate and deliver their products and services to their customers including financial and banking industry has been also using the Internet to be one of their distribution channel with their customers. Institutions who the use of the internet as a delivery channel for
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