Information And Communication Technologies ( Ict )

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Introduction Information is a key factor that plays a large role in the day-to-day activities within the health care sector. It is generated and processed by health care providers, such as physicians, nurses and hospitals as they provide care to their patients. However, managing that information and using it productively poses an ongoing challenge. It is especially challenging in the complexity of the U.S. health care sector, with its many different types of providers, services and settings for care (Congressional Budget Office, 2008). Information and communication Technologies (ICT) has the potential to greatly increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the health sector by assisting healthcare providers with managing information. It also has the potential to lead to better cost-efficiency in the health sector. ICT can play a critical role in improving health care for individuals and communities. It can also transform informal regulation by providing people with the knowledge they require to challenge existing practices and make more rational health care choices (Adeboyejo and Olatokun, 2009). Patients are empowered to take more responsibility for their health and quality of life through the use of health ICT. Health ICT allows the collaboration and involvement of patients and healthcare providers in the prevention and treatment of common illnesses. Through the development of databases and other applications, health ICT provides new and more efficient ways of accessing,
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