Information And Communication Technologies ( Ict ) Essay

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In this era of technology, there is a general agreement that Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have been contributing to improve qualities of life, as well as economical growth as a whole. Businesses and economic sectors are relying on technological advancements that facilitate them to establish an integrated value chain. Using these advancements strategically and appropriately can also enhance productivity and improved competitiveness. Likewise, governments and global aid organizations have seen these advancements as essential instruments for national integration since they are capable of empowering more prominent access to wellbeing and educational services, and developing economical opportunities to open doors for underprivileged communities. Despite of all the advancements of Information and Communication Technologies, the phenomenon known as the Digital Divide has left a significant number of individuals, communities and even businesses divided into two separate categories. The Digital Divide is typically described as the division between the individuals and communities with access to information technologies and those without it. The fact that the uses of computer, Internet and other technological means have significantly filtered its way into modern economy through employment and commerce, the inability to gain access or operate the technologies is an effective challenge created by the Digital Divide for the people without such
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