Information And Communication Technology At Campbell Soup Company

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2.1. Addressing AS8015

Since Campbell Soup Company had serious trouble with their management system, the company decided to make a significant change to the organisation system, based on the Australian standards called AS8015. This standard statement ensures top level accountability and principles to guide decision making as well as efficient, effective and acceptable use of ICT to fulfil in the area of IT governance. The standard released in 2005 and Australia modified as AS8015-2005 Corporate Governance of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The standard distinct into six responsibilities which support and maintain the business system successful.

2.2. Responsibilities for ICT
 Put in place well understood responsibilities for ICT [information and communication technology] throughout the organisation.
After Campbell announced the project, at the first stage, they plan to organise several meetings to ensure all team member could clearly satisfy with the plan that they are trying to challenge and understand the accomplishment of the plan by explaining the whole picture of the plan and governance standard (AS8015) which directly leads to success. This avoided the gap between advisors and the Campbell staffs which made an identity for each team.
However, improving all employees understanding in same level wasn’t simple to accomplish. Campbell then created functional roles so each work team and individuals can work as role-based training to understand the…
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