Information And Communication Technology At Campbell Soup Company

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2.1. Addressing AS8015 Since Campbell Soup Company had serious trouble with their management system, the company decided to make a significant change to the organisation system, based on the Australian standards called AS8015. This standard statement ensures top level accountability and principles to guide decision making as well as efficient, effective and acceptable use of ICT to fulfil in the area of IT governance. The standard released in 2005 and Australia modified as AS8015-2005 Corporate Governance of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The standard distinct into six responsibilities which support and maintain the business system successful. 2.2. Responsibilities for ICT  Put in place well understood responsibilities…show more content…
There are nine frameworks which had defined: • Utilize standard SAP capabilities • Reduce unnecessary touches • Maintain/Improve customer service • Maintain/Enhance order fulfilment process • Utilize “available to promise” across all business units • Create customer transparency • Drive “easy to do business with” concept • Streamline/Improve controls • Present a single voice to customer 2.4. Analysis and Match Up Organisational Needs and Benefits  Ensure ICT acquisitions are based on analysis and match up with organisational needs and that such investments offer both long and short term benefits. SAP had been reviewed each time when the global team gathered and updated the issues and make a direction to match the organisational needs as well as communication strategy for all manager which involved, to review and improve the organisational needs. Then managers have decided to fill the skill gap between each employee by implementing a training session so all the employee can involve in the project through analysis of the data. This practise would approach to get the full benefits in both short and long term because after getting some experience by playing around the new system, would refine and acquire precise employee’s skills. 2.5. Performance in ICT  Ensure ICT performs well, with performance including the satisfaction of business needs, responding to changing business needs and being a reliable support

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