Information And Communications Technology ( Ict )

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Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is becoming remarkably prevalent in all spheres of people’s life such as social and work lives and even in our leisure activities (Thomas and Stratton, 2006). Interestingly, ICT is also penetrating in the field of education around the globe. Currently, social media has been widely debated in journal articles and conferences. The subjects, which are tackled, are mostly around raising awareness of the importance of technological tools as new platforms for promoting learners ‘independent learning, how they are embraced in pedagogy, and whether they can be utilized as new instructional tools outside the classroom. Simultaneously, the fact that social media is ubiquitous, it has attracted the attention of many researchers to examine either positive or aspects of using such tools in different settings (Paliktzoglou and Suhonen, 2014). Thus, the Algerian context is not an exception, indeed, the Algerian government has established numerous initiatives to encourage the use of ICT in every field (Boukhatem, 2015). In the following section, in fact, we will shed light on how technology is embraced within Algerian education system, followed by its strengths and weaknesses in teaching and learning languages.

The integration of ICT within Algerian education system:
Algeria witnessed a considerable shift in its education system since the inclusion of competency- based approach at the secondary school level. The Ministry of
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