Information And Information Systems From A Cyber Threat

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DTL Power Corporation is an electricity generating and distributing company headquartered in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Currently, they have 5.4 million electricity customers and 485,000 natural gas customers. Also, DTL Power has full or majority ownership of 14 nuclear reactors in 12 nuclear power plants. Additionally, it has 2 hydropower plants in the Midwest and 5 wind energy centers along the East Coast. Last year, incidents around the world involving nuclear reactors have led the company to increase security and safety regulations at its nuclear plants. Furthermore, the company is also researching additional environmentally friendly opportunities such as geothermal energy. Accordingly, this document has been developed to provide information regarding DTL Power and the measures that have been developed and implemented to safeguard its information and information systems from a cyber threat. This document is broken down into several sections that will provide an analysis of DTL Power and the energy sector; as well as the effectiveness of cybersecurity technology/policies in the energy sector, the team’s cyber strategy, and budget. The analysis of DTL and the energy sector will provide an overview of the sector and the decision categories that team members are responsible for safeguarding DTL Power. Also, this section describes the dependence the energy sector has on cyberspace; as well as the threats and vulnerabilities that it may suffer. Additionally, defensive and
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