Information And Preventive Measures On Domestic Abuse Essay

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Information and preventive measures about domestic abuse are improving, yet much less is known about violence in the form of dating. Dating violence is just as dangerous as any other type of domestic abuse and should be a mandatory part of learning curriculums for adolescents and young adults. The prevention and/or decrease of this type of violence in the earliest stages, could also result in the decline of other types of domestic abuse. In order to prevent and initiate the decline of dating violence in the El Paso, Texas community, it is essential to assess the needs of the area. This needs assessment will focus on the demographics, risk factors, current services and current policy in relation to dating violence.
Dating violence is not a new concept or limited to a single geographical area. In order to identify dating violence, it must first be defined. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (2016) describes dating violence as “the physical, sexual, psychological, or emotional violence within a dating relationship, including stalking”. This type of abuse can be distinguished from domestic violence as the victim and perpetrator more than likely do not live together. It is important to mention that dating violence manifests more commonly among minors and young adults and the victims are in majority female. At a national level, among adolescents and young adults who are dating, 10.3% report physical dating violence (intentionally being hit, knocked or

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