Information And Technology Has Changed Over The Past Few Decades

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Nhan Nguyen Phil 311 Thesis Paper Information and technology have been significantly developing over the past few decades. New services and machines are built to support the needs of people. People can now store their information and data in their digital devices such as cellphones or laptop, or online databases. Although this development makes people’ life more convenient, it raises a controversial issue about privacy protection. Many people have agreed that the producers of those digital devices should protect the privacy information stored on their customers’ devices. However, recently, there has been a case in which the FBI requested Apple Inc. to build software that allows them to break through the security of the IPhone so that the FBI can look for information about terrorists from the phone they collected. Apple refused because this will make the security of all its products, not only the IPhone, weakened. Hence, this could cause a huge privacy risk for all of its customers. A question raised up here asking whether Apple’s action was morally right, because it wants to protect people’ privacy, or not, since it didn’t help the government and put people in a security risk. The cyberethic issue here is the privacy protection and whether it is more important to sacrifice privacy for security like in the above situation or not. Let’s first identify the issue here and who are involved in it. One question rises up asking why Apple chose not to work with the FBI.
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