Information Architecture: Tutorial Lesson 2

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Information Architecture Tutorial Lesson 2 Define the Audience Defining the audience is among the most important steps in designing a website because this determines how the layout and the content should be constructed. However, the target audience can be composed of many different groups of consumers, investors, or other interested parties. The example provided uses potential car shoppers to illustrate how different groups can be constructed (Webmonkey Staff, 2010). Some consumers might be ready to purchase a vehicle now and will require different content than others who might be preparing for a possible purchase a few months for now. For example, people who are actively searching for a vehicle to purchase may be looking at cars for sale now at deal sites or through classifieds. While people who are preparing for a purchase down the road may be looking at research about different car models and are probably not as interested in cars for sale today. Therefore the site designers must consider all of the possible groups that they wish to target and organize the content based on their needs and preferences. Not only can there be a range of different types of potential customers that can visit a site, but there can also be different needs for current customers as well as investors or potential investors. However, the first step to meeting the needs of all the different groups is to identify these groups. This allows the designers to develop a platform in which they

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