Information Asset Inventory and Analysis of Cincom Systems

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Protecting the current and evolving future technologies, the core intellectual property of a software company, requires an enterprise-wide security strategy (Dutta, Roy, 2008). Cincom Systems, a leader in the development of enterprise software for the complex enterprise, has developed an enterprise-wide series of security strategies that encompass people, processes, hardware, software, hardware and databases. While Cincom has literally hundreds of information systems assets, the most critical to the function of the enterprise have been included in the Asset Inventory and Risk Assessment Table shown at the beginning of this analysis. The assets in the table have been divided into the categories of people, processes, software, hardware and databases. These five categories represent the most critically important areas of the company, in addition to defining the foundations of the enterprise security management strategy (Nnolim, 2007). Each of these five fundamental areas of the company's security strategy is defined in this analysis, including an assessment of how well the integration aspects of their systems are managed from a security standpoint.…
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