Information Assurance And Security Issues

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Information Security Issues J00496794 Shravya gone Abstract This paper presents the information security risks in daily life. In this paper I will discuss the information assurance risks and discuss each threat by providing asset, threat source, threat cause and provide the countermeasures for each threat. This paper also provides the background of the issues (i.e, literature review) and ends with the conclusion and the future work. Introduction Nowadays information assurance is one of the most challenging field. It has a crucial role in our daily life. Information security is securing the information and its components. We can define the value of information by its categories such as availability, integrity, confidentiality. Management…show more content…
People have many details in the smart phones like credit card, debit card details and all the passwords, when this is lost then that would be the big issue. • Threat Source Category: Unintentional Insider can be the threat category for mobile device attacks. • Information Asset: Cell phones and laptop itself is the information asset • Asset Category: Data/ Information is the asset category. • Threat Cause: Negligence is the cause of the threat. Countermeasures: The basic prevention countermeasure is a strong password for the laptop and the mobile device. Must install the GPS tracker in our laptop and mobile phone so that we can track the device when it is lost or stolen. Should activate the microphones even though if the phone is off. Must install a protection software and also should not enable the automatic login to the applications. The final thing is backup the data frequently. Social Media: The employees accessing their social media sites from the company 's network results in risks when they click on the malicious links on social networking sites which let the hijackers attack their system. If the hackers target the employee in the company then he will gather all the information about the employee like Facebook profile, mobile devices, passwords, working hours and also tracks the target. We also face the danger by some applications like games from where the hackers can gain the passwords and personal information. • Threat Source
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