Information Assurance Guidelines For Commercial Buildings And Real Estate Companies

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Introduction BuildingDNA, a start-up company which provides online digital maps for both commercial buildings and real estate companies, has coordinated with this group to examine the current information systems and technology architecture and determine if it is able to sufficiently support its business objective of producing and servicing 3,000 maps per month. This study is based on the current information provided by BuildingDNA, wherein the hypothesis is that the current structure of the organization is unable to meet this goal and should be revamped. Project Scope The information assurance guidelines will address any system utilized by BuildingDNA that stores, transmits, receives, or manipulates data, specifically the data which…show more content…
Although BuildingDNA is currently producing digital maps, their current information technology architecture is unable to meet the 3000 maps per month goal. In order to be able to achieve this goal, BuildingDNA most develop the capacity in order to minimize idle and unused resources, and meet their contractual obligations in a timely manner. As identified by BuildingDNA executives, there are four components to this challenge that must be addressed, which are the following: Paremeter-izing new contracts; identifying and acquiring capacity of skilled man-hours; managing the fulfillment of each contract to meet expectations; and analysis and evaluate production outcomes versus standards for future contracts and the continuous improvement of the production process. Problem Causes The root cause of the challenge addressed above, is the lack of resources. These resources can be thought of as the proper Enterprise Resource Planning and Workforce Management software, qualified personnel, and the creation and implementation of organizational policies, to include information assurance, teleworking, and business operations. All of these resources share a common denominator, which is funding. A well-funded organization generally have the ability to implement specific software and create qualified personnel in order to perform their operational assignments in timely and effective manners. Funding also ensure the
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