Information Assurance Is Means Of Defending And Protecting Information Systems

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Overview of Information Assurance
Essentially, Information Assurance is means of defending and protecting information systems through maintaining qualities in Integrity, Availability, Confidentiality, Authentication, and Non-Repudiation. Society has becomes more reliant on networked systems to store, transmit, and process information. This transformation from an industrial age to a knowledge driven generation has put information at the fingertips of any individual with access to the Internet. The virtualization of all that is known (a.k.a. the digital age) comes of the downside; if information is so easily accessed and interconnectivity across the inner webs of large organizations has been established, it puts information maintained on
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The way Information Assurance works is by analyzing information contained on Network Systems, then assigning the information into corresponding threat level classifications. These classifications will be based on the following factors; “what potential value does the information hold to an organization?” and “would the subsequent release of said information cause damage to an organization and how much?” Once these evaluations have been done an organization can move on to the next step, addressing vulnerabilities of Network Systems that contain critical information. As the vulnerability assessment takes place weaknesses that are discovered should be discussed amongst security administrators. The overall outcome of this would be to patch security flaws in the system to better protect assets. At the same time administrators analyze the potential cause and effect of a potential breach in security. While in a perfect world all vulnerabilities would be addressed and fixed, but with the ever evolving technology of the 21st century and the intellect of those individuals who look to abuse their knowledge to gain unauthorized access to systems. The reality is that vulnerabilities (i.e. loopholes, exploits, etc.) will always exist it is just a matter of who finds it. The most important part of the Information Assurance process is this, eliminate all known vulnerabilities while conducting analysis to reduce
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