Information Classification Plan For Kingsley Media Enterprises

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Executive Summary

The report is introductory to an information classification plan related to Kingsley Media Enterprises
This report explains the importance of information classification and introduces three labels that can define any information, and the countermeasure that aid to mitigate the risk and impacts of information being exposed.
Proper security measures must be accompanied with information classification and practical workshops for employees to learn how to label information.

Table of Contents
Executive Summary I
1.0 Report Introduction 1
2.0 Classifying Information 1
3.0 Action plan 5
4.0 Recommendations 6
5.0 Conclusion 7
6.0 Reference 8

Table 1 Security Classification criteria 2
Table 2 Information Classification Sample 4

1.0 Report Introduction

Communication skills are important inside the company, these skills define how employees interact and share thoughts about their job. The company must enforce policies and regulation to assist and protect information distribution. Information classification is one vital component of many other components that make the heart of information security (Fowler, 2003). Information classification is like the veins in human body, its main role is to regulate the blood to the organs which makes the blood circulation system and this is simple but yet very important.

Kingsley Media Enterprises is a social media marketing company and for a marketing company information…
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