Information Disclosure and Cybercrime

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Information Disclosure. It is essential to protect any con dential information exchange during the communica-tion process. Also any unauthorized access too the critical data stored on nodes must bepossible. In ad hoc networks, such information may contain anything, e.g., the specific status details of a node, the location of nodes, private keys or secret keys, passwords, and so on. The control data are more critical for security than the trac data. Forinstance, the routing directives in packet headers such as the identity or location of thenodes can be more valuable than the application-level messages.Confidential or importantinformation may be leaked to unauthorized nodes present in the network by compromised node. Such information may contain information regarding geographic location of nodesor optimal routes to authorized nodes in the network,the network topology.Routing AttacksThere are several attacks which can be mounted on the routing protocols and mayinterrupt the proper operation of the network. Brief descriptions of such attacks aregiven below:1. Routing Table Over owIn the case of routing table over ow, routes to nonexistent is created by theattacker. To create enough routes to prevent new routes from being created or tooverwhelm the protocol implementation is the goal.In the case of proactive routingalgorithms, discovering routing information is necessary even before it is
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