Information, Education, And Not For Forensic Purposes

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Weakness Moving onto the weaknesses, the following test will examine the acquisition of information, discovery of information, education, procedure and significance of the evidence. One of the main concerns in this field is still acquiring the information in a way that does not jeopardize the integrity of the information despite having the appropriate tools. This is because digital forensic scientists created the tools for security and other computer related purposes and not for forensic purposes (Casey, 2004, p.29). This poses specific issues when the investigators are trying to collect information in a manner that is acceptable by law, and while it is true that it is possible to create tools specifically for forensic purposes…show more content…
Surprisingly enough, like all spy movies, there exist in real life tools disguised as an everyday item such as a knife or a remote control (National Research Council, 2009,p.180). If investigators miss these sources of data, valuable evidence will be lost. The third and a crucial weakness is the lack of education in digital science. Reports and research consistently indicate that there is a lack of "education, training and certification" (Roger & Seigfried, 2004, p.14) and because there is no uniform certification, there is no gold standard that many other forensic sciences possess (Roger & Seigfried, 2004, p.15). To clarify, the reports do indicate that there exist certification boards for this field, but the problem with these certification boards is that there are specific to a "particular operating system" (Roger & Seigfried, 2004, p.15), meaning a certification for a board may mean something completely different to another. This is worrisome as with no universally accepted standards, it makes it hard for judges and juries to effectively judge the competency of any expert (Vincze, 2016, p.186). Furthermore, there is a proliferation of digital forensic classes as a consequence of the media exposure
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