Information For Distributed Data Driven Applications

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Title: Publish/Subscribe Middleware Solutions for Distributed Data-driven Applications over Virtualized SDN Infrastructure Background Today, users are increasingly required communicate with each other and with surrounding devices and machines to obtain personalized, intelligent and automatized behavior. These kind of devices will interconnect to all kinds of heterogeneous and customized Internet-based new and yet unforeseen services, users and applications. The emerging communication paradigm is commonly referred to as Machine-to-Machine (M2M) or Internet of Things (IoT). IoT can be seen as a natural evolution of computer networks and communicating devices, which evolved from local computer-to-computer communication to global connected…show more content…
Such dynamic behavior of IoT applications and their environment is becoming one of the major challenges that the systems middleware and the underling network have to deal with. Over the past decade, the OMG Data Distribution Service (DDS) middleware has emerged to address many of the challenges of IoT systems. In particular, DDS provides real-time, datacentric publish-subscribe (pub-sub) middleware capabilities that are used in many IoT systems. DDS 's rich QoS management framework enables IoT applications to combine different policies to enforce desired end-to-end QoS properties. Nevertheless, the solution for managing the flow variability of IoT systems and fulfil their QoS requirements assumes that the underlying network is flexible enough to reprogram its operation and adapt its configuration to a specific situation (i.e., network load and traffic congestion, intermittent connection, etc.). To address this Achilles ' heel of traditional networking, Software-Defined Networking (SDN) has emerged as a new approach which provides an intelligent architecture for network programmability in a fine-grained and flexible way. Project Objectives The objectives of this project are to understand the key challenges in realizing IoT applications and investigating novel solutions to address these challenges. In this context, we propose to
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