Information From The Sales Department

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. Now the information from the sales department is important information needed by other departments like accounting, marketing and payroll. Each database needs to be accessible to various departments in order for the business to function efficiently. These databases are collected together in a data warehouse. Dish then uses data mining tools to extract information in order to solve whatever problem may be at hand. Many departments have what they call foreign keys, which is information present in multiple locations thus forming a relationship. As an example, payroll needs to know how many sales a person made in order to pay them properly. So the amount of sales would be the foreign key between the sales database and payroll…show more content…
The sales agent doesn’t have to look up any specifics, the program already knows availably based on physical location of the customer by their zip code. Dish Networks sling technology is an example of a mobile agent which allows the customer to watch live TV on almost any mobile device (iPhone, android phone and computer) ("Dish Network," n.d.). The Payroll Work Center program used by Dish is an example of a distribution agent, in which the consumer can access and manage paychecks, tax claiming’s, time off from any computer or mobile device anywhere in the world as long as there is interment connection. Finally, all of these agent-based technologies work together to form a multi-agent system. The multi-system is known as Swarm Intelligence, which is the collective behavior of the group toward one goal, similar to an ant ecosystem (Bonabeau & Meyer, 2001). The cohesion of departments through the multi-system agent based technology ensures efficiency. Dish Networks current electric commerce (e-commerce) strategy is business to consumer (C2B). This is typical model in which a business sells a product to customers who are primarily individuals (Haag & Cummings, 2013). Through call centers, authorized retailers, websites and out-side sales teams Dish Networks primarily sells satellite products to individual consumers, although a small portion of sales exist in sole partnerships businesses. Due to limitations of satellite TV, there aren’t
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