Information Gathered About Graphics Programming Essay

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Introduction The topic of this report will contain information gathered about graphics programming. Specifically using the programming language, C# (pronounced C-Sharp). C# is used by many programmers and it is a modern and simple programming language and a perfect language that develops applications with graphical capabilities. Graphics in programming plays an important part in any C# application that is being developed. For example, if you are developing an Image application, you may want to use Bitmaps, which is a representation of a picture using pixels on a window. This is only one example of the many possibilities of using graphics in C#. So I can assume that you will have prior knowledge and experience of the C# Language as I will be focusing on four specific classes for working with graphics that include the PictureBox Class, Image Class, Bitmap Class and Graphics Class. A class can be defined as a blueprint for a type of object. It consists of methods and variables. In .net windows forms namespace, it already includes a number of classes for developing graphical applications. One way to access these Graphical capabilities you’ll need to use the System.Drawing namespace, this will give you access to Graphics Device Interface (GDI). GDI is essentially a Microsoft Windows API that produces and runs graphical components and outputs these components on to peripherals like your monitor and printers (“Windows GDI,” n.d). There is not much theory involved in C#
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