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#1. The explanatory variables of signal coding, signal interpretation and search behavior evoked can be related or compared to three decision-making models. Those three decision-makings models are the behavioral decision, garbage can model and the political model theories. According to the behavioral decision theory, decision makers deal with chaos and uncertainty but ultimately make their decisions on what they know. This means that based on their knowledge, beliefs, and values, decision makers incorporate these values to make appropriate decisions. The other theory described in the article is the garbage can model. This model states that a decision maker makes a decision based upon whatever problems, options and solutions are available…show more content…
The performance gap can be measured with different degrees of precision, which in turn is used to classify three specific variables. Those value variables can be quantitative, qualitative or impressionistic. Once a variable has been chosen, then you can move the next step. The other step involves, interpreting premises that frame what needs to be done. First a premise falls into two categories, a need or opportunity. A need is performance driven, calling for better results and an opportunity is action driven, calling for a particular action. Both action and performance are moderated by two additional categories know as threats. A defined threat is accompanied by considerable urgency and importance. An undefined threat is related to high importance and urgency. These premises eventually lead to how the search effort is carried out to make the decisions. “Studies show that a search can be carried out with a rational process, a negotiation, an opportunity validation, emergent solution, problem solving, or redevelopment” (Nutt, 607). In conclusion, the steps proposed by Nutt provide a different alternative to the decision-making norms previously discussed in our first class. As stated in the article, “The study found performance gapping and premising to be crucial activities and explored how each is carried out. The tactics were found to influence the search approach selected to uncover alternatives and the success of the resulting decision.” (Nutt, 604). However, it
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