Information Gathering for Business Analysis

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Information gathering and Accounting/Business techniques

Information gathering

Lucky Cement is listed on Karachi Stock exchange therefore getting information was never really a big problem. As primary data LCL’s own website was a big source of information for me, but I had to look into other secondary sources like company’s annual reports, newspaper, internet etc to make my analysis more comprehensive
I used the following secondary sources to gather my information which enabled me to get the broad view of Lucky Cement’s Business and it helped me to make a better analysis of Lucky Cement’s Performance.

Annual Reports and Books

Lucky Cement’s annual reports for years 2008-2010 provided me with a
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For my research and analysis project the analysis of the business and financial performance of Lucky Cement Limited in terms of business and accounting techniques I have used PEST analysis, SWOT analysis, Porter 5 forces and Ratio analysis.

Ratio Analysis

Ratio Analysis is a helpful tool to evaluate and interpret the financial performance of a company. It includes calculation of different ratios from the information available on the financial statements to identify different trends in the performance of the company and the reasons behind them. Ratios are also used to assess the management’s performance and make predictions whether or not the firm is meeting its business and financial objectives from stakeholders’ point of view

Porter’s Five Forces

Porter’s five forces framework examines the competitive environment in which a company operates and is an industry and business analysis model by Michael E. Porter The main advantage of this model is to evaluate the competition and differentiation in cement sector.

SWOT Analysis
SWOT analysis suggests ways in which the organisation can profit from strengths and opportunities and defend itself against weaknesses and threats.
Variables that SWOT uses affect the company internally and externally where internal factors being strengths and weaknesses and external are factors opportunities and threats

SWOT is a
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