Information Has Become An Invaluable Resource

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Information has become an invaluable resource. In modern society, it is necessary to be able to send and receive data quickly in order to keep up with the rest of the world. With so much technology at our fingertips, it is almost unheard of for someone to be without a device that can connect the Internet. The technology that allows these devices to communicate with one another is known as the Internet of Things. Because of this concept, people are now able to exchange information faster than ever before. The idea of machines being able to communicate with each other has been around since the early 1800s. The telegraph, invented in the 1830s, became the first landline device able to transmit and receive messages over long distances.…show more content…
This data can be analyzed and used to improve people’s lives. IoT Applications in 2016 IoT Analytics One of the most significant applications of IoT in society involves the media and entertainment industry. In 2014, the industry was the third fastest growing in terms of devices with IoT connections, according to a report by Verizon Communications. More and more consumers are using devices that can connect to the Internet, and are therefore being exposed to the content put out by businesses. Because the industry already has most of the resources necessary to implement IoT, businesses can gain valuable information on their customers. Businesses can use this data and analyze it in order to deliver their advertisements in a way that is more tailored to the consumer. Using a customer’s location, behaviors, preferences, and demographics helps businesses personalize this content so that the advertisement will be more likely to gain the viewer’s interest. With all the digital and mobile devices being used, the IoT has plenty of room to grow in this industry. (EMarketer) In addition to media and entertainment, the Internet of Things is also helping to improve the transportation and logistics industry. It is crucial for businesses to have current, updated data on hand for them to succeed in these areas and be productive as a company. The IoT can improve this by giving businesses
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