Information:. I Have Also Been Staff On A Server Called

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Information: I have also been staff on a server called ParaPVP. At the time that I was staff the server was owned by Leafy and somebody else. I don 't remember him anymore. Later maps Leafy left and became really popular on youtube. One of the first HCF servers that introduced crates and made HCF a lot easier. I was staff on map 2 and map 3. My rank was moderator. I learned a lot from ParaPVP. I left the server for school. I had no time to moderate for ParaPVP and school was more important then a minecraft server at the time. And it was getting boring because the server wasnt that popular at the time. The server got popular at around map 4/5. When I was done with school I really regretted that I resigned from ParaPVP. All in all it was a…show more content…
Server Name: HCGames. Player Count: 50-200 Information: I have put HCGames on here because of 1 reason. I got set on pending a while ago. I was accepted by br0. The manager of HCGames at the time. When I came in TeamSpeak for my interview I got moved by br0 and he said that I got denied by a owner .(Gullible or Config) I tried getting contact with one of the owners but they have never moved me or responded to any of my messages. Thread: At the top it says denied but if u scroll down to the bottum you will see that I got set on pending by br0. Extra: I have also tried creating my own network. But that didn 't go as plan and I lost money because of it. We had a player base of around 30/50 people but nobody donated. So that 's why it died. We didn 't get any donations to keep up the server and I didn 't want to get more money to keep the server alive. I would probably just waste my money again. I have also been staff on some small servers but they all died. And there is almost nothing to talk about because most of them closed done very quickly. If I get accepted as a helper I would assume that I won 't get any major permissions. On PrimeHCF the Trial-Moderators were chat moderators. The same thing applied for ParaPVP. (HCF side of ParaPVP). You could only use mute/lockchat/slowchat or tempban and some other minor commands. I might be wrong. Maybe I will get staffmode as a helper. Or

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