Information Is A Source Of Power In International Relations.

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Information is a source of power in international relations. Technology is the capability by which states store information. More so now than ever, countries heavily rely on information technology and data storage in order to facilitate the basic functioning of a state. However, when any state places enough importance on a resource of power, that resource becomes a target. An attack on informational structures of a state are cyber-attacks or “the use of computational technologies in cyberspace for malevolent and destructive purposes in order to impact, change, or modify diplomatic and military interactions between entities” Cyber-attacks are increasingly becoming daily security threats in both private and public sectors of a state. In …show more content…

If this is true, the way in which states see the use of power in the form of information or attacks on a state’s informational structure such as a cyber-attack is crucial to the thinking and reaction of a state. Moreover, the frequency by which states experience more cyber-attacks than another will influence the thinking of the state. If a state sees a threat, like cyber-attacks, it is going to act accordingly. Different frequencies of cyber-attacks for different states will provoke different reactions to this threat within the international system. Unlike traditional, physical attacks against a state which are tangible, cyber-attacks are a new medium of state warfare. Valeriano and Manses explain that countries are considering cyber-attacks as acts of war. Determining why a state experiences more cyber-attacks than another state is important because they can theoretically have the same repercussions as conventional warfare but not necessarily be considered legally as an act of war.
Secondly, the way in which states perceive and interpret cyber-attacks also effect the formation of norms and international regimes they subscribe to when addressing the frequency of cyber-attacks. Again, Jervis contends that “States with the same similar attributes behave the same way in situations” . So, states who experience more cyber-attacks and the factors which contribute to the frequency, will act similarly when addressing a

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