Information Is A Vital Resource For Any Project Manager

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Information: Information is a vital resource to any project manager; and it’s important to note that a lot of the times the information that we need is already available in other systems and all we have to do is create a feed which will allow us to transfer information from the old system into the new one. As well as that there are often new employees who join the company so there has to be a function which allows you to add new information into the system as well as updating data about current employees for example change of address or contact details. Information is a valued resource by project managers in particular as it allows them to get in contact with their employees outside office hours if need be. People: People are the most…show more content…
System analysts are responsible for the production of the specification after having spoken to both the client and the user about their requirements. The specification has to be in a lot of detail about the expectation of the computer system so that when passed on to the developers they can build up a comprehensive design. Product developers are responsible for analysing the product specification which was produced in stage one of the project life cycle and they produce a design which is very thorough. Once this has been done the product developers have done their job and they send this off to the programmers who are left to do the construction of the project. Programmers are professionals who write codes for a variety of software. They are important members the project team. Depending on the project requirements and time frame programmers can either be working full time or part- time. Equipment and facilities: Another resource which the project manager has to support them is equipment and facilities, these can be things such as furniture, computer systems, electronics, software’s and hardware’s etc. as a project manager you need to note down all the things that you will need and you may find that you already have certain equipment and facilities; however there may be certain things
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