Information Is The Backbone Of Today's Society

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Information is the backbone to today’s society and it is constantly being shared and analyzed by everyone from students to professionals to anyone that has an interest in the subject. Data can be made available to the general public or to a subset of individuals who pay for it. Especially with data that is shared freely can be just a text/csv file of information without any real database schema defined like the one used in this experiment. This information can be manipulated, the structure changed and indexes can be created to aid in what queries that individual is running.

An industry example of a single database that is copied and distributed for users to set up on their own servers is a drug information database that contains various information about pharmaceuticals and their interactions. This information is beneficial to healthcare professionals for managing and prescribing medications to patients and accessed countless times a day. Instead of every healthcare provider in the country reaching out to the same database, the database can be packaged up and setup on multiple servers for an institution to use alone. This information can be further optimized by those developing the applications that will be using this information. It is up to whoever is purchasing this data to setup the infrastructure that the database is run on and the same schema can be setup in numerous configurations.

Companies pay a lot of money for people to optimize querying
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