Information Literacy And An Age Of Information Overload

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Information literacy is critical today because we like in an age of information overload. There will continue to be an increase in the amounts of information. In addition, there will be expansion in technologies that is used for accessing, manipulation and creating information. The ability to find, evaluate, and share is important. Information literacy is a critical component and contributing element in lifelong learning. Information literacy has become prevalent in higher education today. More and more it has become an integral of the curriculum in both the traditional classroom and in the online classroom. Providing information literacy instructions and support to meet online distant learners’ needs can be challenging. How can faculty and librarians determine the information literacy needs of online graduate education students? Most graduate student distance learners are often working adults that for convenience sake take online classes. They may not be able to be full time and only part time students. They may live in remote areas or they may not be able to attend classes at specific time. They may have family responsibilities too. In addition to technical and administrative support, library support is essential to their success in online courses or programs because an inability to access and use library resources can result in frustration and can increase dropout rates in courses (Lee, 2000). Information literacy is important in student achievement and considered a…

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