Information Literacy: Annotated Bibliography

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Information Literacy
Google search
Individuals and organizations use information on a daily basis to make decisions. Knowing how to collect, understand and use it is a key skill to acquire. Sources of information include public libraries, information and knowledge management community and websites.
To understand this topic, I searched for the term Information literacy on Google. There were about 18,800,000 results (0.50 seconds). Most of these results were from academic institutions and libraries. There was also results from Wikipedia. My choice of website was the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), an American Library Association (ALA) ( division. American Library
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This article provides more information compared to the ALA website. The author also cites articles from other renowned scholars like Marton, F. & Booth, S. (1997). Learning and awareness. New York: Lawrence Erlbaum and Assoc.
MCU database
The Library of the Marine Corps database did not yield any results for my query. There seems to be no article on information literacy on the website. Although It was an efficient and straight forward way to search the database, the search proved futile as no article brought significant results. I searched the database for the two key words, literacy and information but only information yielded results although they did not relate to the topic.
Another database (Chartered Institute of Library Information Professionals)
This database yielded significant results when I searched for the two key words. CILIP is a key stakeholder and participant in information literacy across a range of issues incorporating all sectors of the profession and therefore provides more information and links on the topic. The site shows links to the benefits and explains the importance and the
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