Information Literacy Assessment : Template

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BC5116: Information Literacy ASSESSMENT 1 TEMPLATE
TOPIC: Is achieving NCEA important in order to successfully transition from Secondary School to Tertiary Education or Employment?

Topic: What is the purpose of information? What role does information have in my life and in human services? Article 1
Understanding NCEA
Booklet Article 2
Careers NZ
Title of the article Understanding NCEA
(NZQA, 2013)
1. NCEA and getting into training and jobs
(NCEA and getting into training and jobs, 2014)
2. NCEA requirements for tertiary study
(NCEA requirements for tertiary study, 2015)

Details: author, year, title NZQA, 2013 • Careers NZ, 28 August 2014
• Careers NZ, 2 February 2015
Brief summary of the article The information is in Booklet form and was produced for students their families and those working in the education industry to allow them to understand the workings of NCEA. Both sets of information come from the same website and support the topic as stated above. The pages give the reader simple and basic information about NCEA, its purpose and how the student can use their qualification to progress further into tertiary education and/or employment.
Who produced this information and what are their credentials? The information is produced by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) with input from the Ministry of Education. The Information is produced by Careers New Zealand, who are ‘a Crown entity established under the Education Act 1989, and
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