Information Literacy Workplace

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Information Literacy in the Workplace
Information Literacy as defined by the Association of College & Research Libraries is a set of abilities that individuals require to “recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate and use the information effectively”. In today’s society information literacy is has become increasingly vital in a world that is rapidly changing by technology and information resources. Due to abundance of information choices in the workplace, personal lives and academic studies information literacy has become a basis for lifelong learning.
It allows individuals in society to learn how to master the content of information received, investigate their findings resulting in them becoming self-directed
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Information technology skills enable an individual to use computers, software applications, databases, and other technologies to achieve a wide variety of academic, work-related, and personal goals. Information literate individuals necessarily develop some technology skills. Information literacy, while showing a significant overlap with information technology skills, is a distinct and broader area of competence. Increasingly, information technology skills are interwoven with, and support, information literacy. A 2011 report from the National Research Council promotes the concept of "fluency" with information technology and delineates several distinctions useful in understanding relationships among information literacy, computer literacy, and broader technological competence. The report notes that "computer literacy" is concerned with rote learning of specific hardware and software applications, while "fluency with technology" focuses on understanding the underlying concepts of technology and applying problem-solving and critical thinking to using technology. The report also discusses differences between information technology fluency and information literacy as it is understood in K-12 and higher education. Among these are information literacy’s focus on content, communication, analysis, information searching, and…show more content…
These have all been identified as key characteristics of information in the workplace. Further, the social context of information literacy in the workplace such as the influence of networking, formal and informal working relationships, maintaining a client orientation or focus, are also
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