Information Literacy and Scholarship, Practice, and Leadership in It Management

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Information Literacy and Scholarship, Practice, and Leadership in IT Management

R. Dannels
University of Phoenix

IT (Information Technology) management entails all the routine issues faced by any type of business manager in addition to the issues of software development, technology purchasing (not necessarily physical items), systems integration, the limits of technology and the related budgetary issues. General information literacy is important for any level of IT manager, as he or she needs to communicate successfully using many different modes, media, and technology with all types of IT workers, upper management, and technology product vendors. IT management also entails leadership of projects or departments. Information
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The sheer volume of information of all types is ever increasing, making the job of IT manager more difficult. To remain competent, IT managers must keep up with the latest trends and new technologies. The evaluation of new technology is another skill related to information literacy, since the information describing such technology can take many forms. The best IT managers are highly skilled in such evaluations. These effective managers seem to be rare, as found in Li (2009). That study found that to deal with the difficulties of IT management, many organizations used encroachment, to save face for executives by simplifying and deflecting harmful results and analysis. This spreads the managerial blame and deals with the well documented fact (every computer science student is taught this) that over 60% of all technology projects fail and software development projects in particular fail even more frequently. The reasons for the failure of such projects include the incompetence of IT management (Toader et al., 2010). This is increasingly exemplified by the inability to communicate effectively with workers of foreign origin and incorrect evaluations of technology. The lost revenue of software projects is a huge number and that problem is not getting better. Since dealing with cross cultural management and the evaluation of new technology are skills learned in information literacy, the lack of formal information literacy classes
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