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The Influence of Information Literacy on the SPL Model Information literacy is said to be the foundation of the learning process. Unfortunately, as the Internet expands to meet the demand for easy accessible information, people are abandoning the literacy component by not seeking to understand the importance of reliable information to the learning process itself. The objective of this paper is to explore how the scholar, practitioner, leader model is influenced by information literacy, examine the responsibility of each, and provide alternate solutions to meet the challenges. The Scholar Practitioner Leader Model at a Glance The Scholar Practitioner Leader model is a structure implemented by the University of Phoenix‘s school of…show more content…
For example, if a scholar habitually approaches research in as erroneous manner, this person will operate as a practitioner and subsequently a leader from a professional disposition that is based on fallacy. Responsibility of the Practitioner The practitioner follows learning methods that were acquired as a scholar; these methods include meticulous research aimed at discovering valid and relevant information. The presence of information literacy carries over into the educational practitioner’s professional life. According to Russell (2009) “Many post-secondary practitioners who value an information literacy framework would agree that there exists a significant gap in the information competencies that students demonstrate during the high school to university transition.” If this is the case then it stands to reason that the responsibility lies on the grammar, middle, and high school level educational practitioners to close the gap in information competencies in a manner that will make the high school to university transition a smoother process. Mokhtar (2007) says “the main learning component that must be inculcated in students is information literacy.”The educational system can implement a progressive learning geared toward preparing students for college level competency. In doing so information

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