Information Management : An Organization

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IST 621- Assignment 1
Varsha Fotedar

Information Management refers to management of principles to the procurement, organization, control, dissemination and use of data pertinent to the compelling operation of organizations of numerous sorts. 'Information ' refers to a wide range of data of value, including data resources, such as generation data; records and files related, statistical market research data. Information management manages with the value, quality, possession, use and security of data with regards to organizational performance. Management is achieved by the professionals having various roles and positions that are allocated solely for the purpose of successful ventures in an organization. The professional which I aspire to become is the one who is responsible for a project from the initial stage- Business Analyst.
Business Analysis includes the task of understanding business change requirements, evaluating the business effect of those progressions, capturing, analyzing and documenting requirements and supporting the communication and delivery of requirements with relevant customers. To work as a business analyst, the thinking should be like an architect who ensures that the needs of the customer are met. A business analyst has the obligation regarding communicating with the customers to understand their needs and align it with the business processes. The development team then uses these requirements to develop or modify the system.
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