Information Management and Organization Behavior

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WHAT IS LEADER? The leader is the person who can give influence to other individuals in a body. Something interesting in leadership is the existence of leaders who are in the organization which has its own structure by creating a relationship between leaders and followers to achieve excellence. Track in an organization requires steps or activities that in the plan by leaders for pushing his followers increased determined and determination towards the organization. Therefore, efforts towards the consolidation of the activities of an organization subject to someone's intelligence leaders. For example, someone who brought plastic bags while visiting the markets had to guide wisely so that there is not one item already purchased dropped out, the plastic bag as an organization or employees under supervision a leader. Leading skills is something that can be improved over time. Skills work is in press needle in an organization for attaining excellence. As a leader, maybe they can give instruction to others but do the animation in obey by the person who received the instructions. In the community of this country especially society, the concept of shame are allergic can be used to secure the cooperation of the employees. When the give appropriate attention to them, they will feel strength not to obey instructions as well as leaders, they will feel the weight not to cooperate when the has been react well to him. As such, a leader must establish cooperation with employees in an
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