Information Of Brazil And Its Effects On America And The Latin American Regions

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Information of Brazil
Federative Republic of Brazil (Portuguese: República Federativa does Brasil) is the largest country in both the South America and the Latin American regions. Independence was achieved in 1822 with the many creation of the Empire of Brazil. The federation is composed for the union of the Federal District, the 26 states, and the 5,570 municipalities.

Manufacturing sector:
Brazil 's manufacturing industries are driven by the expansion of the domestic market and a stable internal market.
• The FMCG industry has being growing steadily in the last decade mainly because the growth for the middle class population. The key companies in these industries are players such as Nestle with other 31 different plants in Brazil and Unilever with 10 plants.

Infrastructure and development sector:
• As the 2016 Olympic Games approaches, the government of Brazil has stepped up many plans to improve the country’s infrastructure, with an estimated US$85 billion of financing required for infrastructure development by 2020.
• The government of Brazil has encouraged increased private sector to participation in areas such as the construction and management of roads, ports and airports, and large international events.
• In airport infrastructure, Infrared (Brazilian Company of Airport Infrastructure) is slated to invest over US$2.77 billion in 270 regional airports through public-private partnerships.
• In the port industry, the government will implement a port investment
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