Information Of The Translink Go Card

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Student Name: Justin Johnstone
Student Number: N9428127
Course: IFB101 - Impact of IT
Assessment 2: Individual Report
Tutorial: Thursday 6-8PM. GP O303A
Due Date: Friday 17th of April
Word Count: - Executive Summary.

This report contains information of the Translink Go Card. Section One explains what the card is, who developed the card, information about the history of the technology development. Also described is the reason the smart card system was introduced. How and where the card is used. The theories of Technology Acceptance Model and Technology Task Fit will be used to analyze the products impact on the individual commuters of South East Queensland. Section Two will provide information on new technology benefits that could improve the service, areas the service can improve and also enhancements to existing benefits.

Table of contents

Part 1: The Impact of the Translink Go Card for Individual Commuters on the South East Queensland Transport Network.

What is the Translink Go Card?

The Go Card is an electronic smart card ticketing system which has been implemented on the South East Queensland public transport system. It uses smart cards to record journeys and charge fares to account balances
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