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Syndicate Group 4: Health Informatics Coursework “As the Chief Information Officer of Imperial College NHS Trust (one of the UKs largest multi-site hospital providers) what are the factors and issues that need to be considered and planned for to achieve a successful implementation of a new IT solution?” Part One: Introduction 1.1: Backdrop In 2007, the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust (ICHT) planned to roll out a new IT solution: A shift from paper based to fully Electronic Health Records (EHR). This was intended to provide clinicians with a single, comprehensive digital profile of a patient 's medical history (ICHT, 2014). 1.2: Mission Statement To consider and plan for potential organizational and cultural resistance…show more content…
On this basis, we have developed a strategy to address each of the CSFs. Part Three: Strategy 3.1: Who is involved? The participants of this strategy can be categorized as follows: Sponsor Imperial College NHS Trust Facilitator Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the ICHT Team Heads of Department, Physician and Nurse Champions, IT specialists and all other ICHT staff 3.2: Critical Success Factor 1 - Staff Buy-In As the day to day users of the IT system, staff involvement in the design of the system cannot be discounted and their concerns should be fully incorporated during the early stages of the process. We suggest the following as the MCP’s related to this factor: Management of staff ideas, concerns and expectations Designating staff ‘champions’ The ICHT will host ‘Discussion Workshops ' commencing in late April 2014, setting out measurable objectives beforehand to ensure the right level of staff buy-in. These include, facilitating discussion about the EHR system between departments and its impact vis a vis data recording, and expressing any concerns about the proposed EHR system and its functionality (Cusack and Hook, 2013). Prior to the first workshop, 'Physician and Nurse Champions’ will be appointed. These are influential and well-respected staff members from different departments
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