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Syndicate Group 4: Health Informatics Coursework

“As the Chief Information Officer of Imperial College NHS Trust (one of the UKs largest multi-site hospital providers) what are the factors and issues that need to be considered and planned for to achieve a successful implementation of a new IT solution?”
Part One: Introduction

1.1: Backdrop

In 2007, the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust (ICHT) planned to roll out a new IT solution: A shift from paper based to fully Electronic Health Records (EHR). This was intended to provide clinicians with a single, comprehensive digital profile of a patient 's medical history (ICHT, 2014).

1.2: Mission Statement

To consider and plan for potential organizational and cultural resistance toward this IT solution, to ensure that it will be successfully implemented within the ICHT.

Part Two: Methodology

1.1: Outline of Method

Using the Process Quality Management (PQM) methodology, we identified a number of Critical Success Factors (CSFs). These are defined as necessary and sufficient key needs for the successful implementation of the EHR system (Ward, 1990). Taking an evidence based approach, we also considered some of the cultural reasons behind the failure of the National Programme for IT (NPfIT) (Hefford, 2011). This report focuses specifically on the following CSFs:

Staff Buy-In
Agreement on a standardized EHR format by all member-hospitals
A technically-competent workforce

We then proceeded to identify a number of…
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