Information On Continuity Of Operations For An Organization

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This document provides information on continuity of operations for an organization to asses any risks, procedures, and techniques when developing and implementing an IT contingency plan. This document discusses the planning steps in developing an IT contingency plan, possible recovery options for restoring operations, recommended testing requirements for developing an effective test plan, and a proposed 24 month test cycle. IT Resource Contingency Planning In today’s net-centric world, even a day offline may damage an organization’s business and profit margin. As a result, it is imperative for organizations to develop and implement effective business continuity plans to ensure the organization has the appropriate procedures necessitated to maintain operations. Accordingly, SANS Institute (2002) explains that it is essential for an organization to understand what incidences it should prepare for and provides these instances as examples: • equipment failure, • disruption of power or communications, • application failure or database corruption, • human error, sabotage, or strike; • malware, • cyberattack, • social unrest or terrorist attack, • fire, and • natural disasters (SANS Institute, 2002). Business continuity is utilized in the same manner for both physical and digital needs. UMUC (2015) explains that physical security and digital security both require the same planning process to develop and implement the business continuity plan. As a result, this document will
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