Information On Culture Shock : How Employees Identity Is The Impact By Culture

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Final Project IV The purpose of this paper is to share research information archived on culture shock. How employees identity is the impact by culture. Dealing with organizations how training plays an important role on teaching employees how to overcome the negative effects of culture shock. A given explanation would be on how women work in the new environment today. And finally, a brief discussion on what is the work ethic of the new region.
What is culture shock?
Culture is believed to be a shared system of attitudes, values, beliefs and behavior. Hofstede (2003) culture is learned not inherited. It is shaped by parents, relatives, teachers, friends, and the society. Culture is the second of three levels of uniqueness in human mental programming after the level of human nature, which is common to all human beings. The third level is an individual′s personality, which is not shared with other members of the group but is unique to one person. A shock is a sudden and disturbing impression on the mind or feeling, usually one produced by some unwelcome occurrence or perception, by pain, grief, or violent emotion, and tending to occasion lasting depression or loss of composure, in weak sense, a thrill or start of surprise, or of suddenly excited feeling of any kind.
Given the intensity of cultural differences in the earth and human beings inclination to think or view their own way of life as normal, it is not amazing that we frequently feel culture shock, individual confusion
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