Information On The Internet Of A Regular Medical Doctor Essay

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With the development of technology, the average person has an increased control over their health and wellbeing especially concerning diet and exercise. Much of the increased control comes from the plethora of information on the Internet; unfortunately, it is incredibly difficult to determine the validity of data on the web due to lack of regulation. This allows for everyone and anyone to voice their opinion and even go as far as stating their opinion as fact. This is a significant problem for individuals going to the Internet for advice on issues that have real consequences. With 15.5% of Canadians not having a family physician, health themed websites have become increasingly popular (Access to a regular medical doctor, 2013). Although these cites bring awareness to health issues and illnesses, the average person may not have the skills to effectively differentiate between fact and fiction. Some cites are even affiliates of authentic medical facilities, for example, The Mayo Clinic. Yet, some health themed websites represent no accreditation, medical education, or research based facts. Consequently, fiction can masquerade as the truth. Vitamins are particularly at risk for being misconstrued, due to the general availability of vitamins. Micronutrients – vitamins – are undoubtedly important for the human body and, like any supplement, they should only be ingested after making an informed decision (Campbell). Often, these misconceptions are spread from person to person and
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