Information Operations Battalion's Vulnerability Assessment Detachment

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It was the spring of 2011, and I was sitting behind my desk along with my colleagues in the Communications Security section of the 1st Information Operations Battalion’s Vulnerability Assessment Detachment. Our section NCOIC had just been relieved of duty for violating several Army regulations and security protocols while an individual augmentee deployed to Afghanistan, representing our organization within a special operations Task Force. While his conduct had nothing to do with the mission nor our section, his abject failure to display any integrity or adhere to the Army Values reflected very poorly on our unit and cast our office in a particularly unflattering light...not to mention the additional scrutiny from our chain of command.…show more content…
However, when he walks into a room, you quickly realize that he is a senior NCO and ready to take charge of any situation. It has nothing to do with the rank on his shirt or his duty title, but some intangible combination of his poise, confidence and the sharp look in his eyes as he surveys the scene. And despite the grim expression that originally greeted us the first day I saw him, SFC Collins is usually the first person to pull out a smile and put everyone at ease. The following day, SFC Collins came into our office and formally introduced himself. It quickly became apparent to me that he was not like any of the other leaders I had encountered up to this point in my career. The first thing that struck me was how genuine he was and that he truly seemed to care about our section not just as soldiers, but as people. He knew the events that had led up to his becoming our new NCOIC, but showed no indication that it had affected or influenced his judgment of who we were or how we operated. After the initial orientation, he started asking about our counselings and began building our team foundation from there. By the end of that first meeting, I already knew he was honest, fair, competent and above all, a true leader. It would be impossible for me put down on paper all of the different ways and situations in
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