Information, Personal, And Social Media

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When most people leave the house everyday they are not considering the multiple ways they are being monitored. They are not contemplating whether the personal e-mail they just sent using their company’s seemingly secure private e-mail service is being screened by their employers or whether their banking activity is being monitored for patterns aligned with terrorism. Many would assume that simply having a password to access your e-mail would keep out unwelcome eyes. With technology becoming such an increasingly important aspect of our daily lives, personal and work related, many are starting to debate whether or not it is correct for an employer or the government to be able to access someone’s personal information. This includes, but is not limited to, as outlined in Charles J. Sykes essay, medical information, personal e-mail correspondence, social media account information, a person’s voice mail, what you have stored on your computer, and your credit reports (Sykes 19). Some argue that this is an infringement on a person’s right to privacy while others argue that businesses and government officials have the right and need to monitor personal information. In Chapter 3 of Are Privacy Rights Being Violated? (2006) Charles J. Sykes argues that employees’ rights to privacy are being heavily infringed upon. He states that the Freudian dream where a person arrives at school or work undressed is a direct comparison to the “…modern American workplace,” and argues that “Many of us
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