Information Privacy and whether it has changed since the World Wide Web

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Information Privacy and whether it has changed since the World Wide Web Information privacy is related to personal data that is usually stored on computers and online servers (Litman, 2000). However, the information that internet users share online is not private as companies use this information or sell it to the other companies and governments who are interested in the information (Litman, 2000). Before the introduction of the internet and possibly the World Wide Web, private information was limited to the owner. Today, technologies used by online companies in tracking up personal information are so advanced that individuals cannot have control of them. The use of internet is largely restricted to the World Wide Web as all…show more content…
Such information is collected through emails, financial records, instant messages and other forms including video calls and internet voice calls (Litman, 2000). Scammers and cyber criminals have however taken advantage of the internet to tap into people’s information illegally, stealing identities and using it to commit cyber felonies (Culnan, 2000). Information contained online is guarded against access, amendment and disclosure. Agencies which hold private information about people should make sure that the information being held is accurate, up to date and original (Litman, 2000). In case it is not right, individual owners should be presented with the chance to change it so as to befit their required standards. These procedures and guidelines about private information found online were as a result of the birth of the World Wide Web which has allowed users to upload their personal information into web servers. The World Wide Web has changed information privacy in many ways. Applications that users download from the web are able to fetch personal information from users phones (Solove & Schwartz, 2003). The collected data includes how one uses the application(s), call logs, the unique addresses of devices and other information that is not consented (Culnan, 2000). In spite of this

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