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Background: Before responding to below-listed questions, let us learn some information regarding the company and their mission. The name Pandora comes from ancient Greek mythology and means “ all-gifted”. The company goal is to provide never ending good music to curious listeners. Pandora started in 2000 and their system was created with the help of Music Genome Project. The Pandora’s software was developed together with Genome Project and introduced by Tim Westergren (Wallace, pg. 207). The music analysts take the time to listen to every song, and then categorize the song by melody, harmony, instrumentation, rhythm, vocals, lyrics and other aspects ( As the goal is to create a system, when individual is creating a station to…show more content…
However, in case the consumer dislikes hearing the advertisements, the company offers a subscription option, that omits the commercials. As well, the consumer is able to buy the song they heard through iTunes website. Another key point is social media, individuals are able to share their favorite songs through the Pandora website or mobile app. Also, Pandora has approached car industry, already Volvo offers Pandora radio experience and many more car brands are ready to join this opportunity ( 2. What are some shortcomings of downloading music? One of the main shortcomings of downloading music is the legal aspect. In other words, the person that downloads music from the website that does not require payment should be aware of the fact that it might me illegal. In contrast, iTunes is considered legal source for music download, as it requires payment for each song or album. Therefore, there are numerous websites that are not legal. As well, downloading music may require software, that may contain a virus or the file may already be contaminated. As a result, a person may have a virus on their computer that will open a door to hackers to retrieve sensitive information. Besides, the quality of the music file may be low; the lack of space on the device for all the downloaded files and not everyone can afford to download a large amount of music. As mentioned, there are various disadvantages that follow with downloading music. 3. How

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